Revenue Generation

We aim to increase your hotel’s reach and revenue by helping create more demand and online business. We leverage the guest experience and also aim to optimize rate and drive meetings and events. We’re here to help create engaging conversations that drive loyalty and passion for our unique offerings.

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Create Demand

We aim to help increase your hotel’s reach and revenue by partnering with online travel agencies and other third parties. With a robust and successful rewards program, meetings offerings, recognizable brands and an expert panel of advisors, the possibilities for growth are endless. We’re here to help create engaging conversations that drive loyalty and passion for our unique offerings.

Drive Meetings & Events

We’ve realigned our Sales and Distribution resources globally to deliver a clear strategy across our brands and put our customers center stage. Our team includes 160 sales employees across 12 sales offices throughout the world focusing on Business Travel, Meetings & Events and Leisure segments. This team focuses on putting meetings and events at the center of what we do, and will aim to produce steady revenue growth from this sector.

Optimize Rate

Radisson Hotel Group also offers Advance Revenue Management System capabilities powered by IDeaS G3 Revenue Management System (G3 RMS), technology which helps hotels compete by automatically delivering revenue-maximizing decisions daily, so your team can review and manage tactical decisions on an exception basis – helping hotels focus more on strategic revenue decisions and guest experience.

As the world of data analytics evolves, we’re continuing to migrate to a business intelligence model to better analyze performance, identify potential opportunities and/or challenges and evaluate associated activities and solutions to help drive revenue.

Leverage Guest Experience

To ensure the optimum guest experience, we consistently deliver our brand promise every day and leverage our customer experience management initiative to form stronger relationships with our customers. We provide an integrated communications and PR strategy, including unique content across media and social channels that shares a consistent brand message and corporate purpose. Our multi-platform campaigns will help drive stakeholder engagement and position you as an industry leader.

Capture Online Business

Our team of digital experts will help you create innovative multi-channel campaigns that will share relevant news and content to drive customer engagement across all channels. We’re here to help you choose the best web-based platforms, mobile sites and applications to help drive direct online business and aim to optimize online revenue by increasing traffic on our websites.